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To send hazardous chemicals to check the relevant qualifications

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May 12 news: "Shanghai Dangerous Chemicals Safety Management Measures" officially implemented this year, the source of dangerous chemicals transport control has a clear request. Reporters learned yesterday that the city traffic law enforcement corps seven teams jointly Yangpu District Public Security Bureau traced back to investigate and deal with the implementation of the new regulations after the implementation of the city's first dangerous chemical units to send and receive hazardous chemicals did not check the relevant qualifications of the case.

April 23, Fan a driving license for the Shanghai AWW *** general cargo transport vehicle shipping pressure vessel 27 bottles, in the military road, Yin line was Yangpu District traffic police detachment six brigade seized, Fan Mou due to illegal transport of dangerous chemicals Yangpu Branch to administrative detention 5 days. After receiving the case of Yangpu Public Security Bureau, the city traffic law enforcement corps seven teams involved in the investigation and found that the parties Fan Mou in the day of the incident from Shanghai Qingpu Ji Fu liquid gas distribution plant shipment of these dangerous goods, ready to be sent to Yangpu District Sha Yin Road and Zhabei District Wenshui Road. But Fan Mou driving the Shanghai AWW *** vehicles did not engage in road dangerous chemicals transport qualification. May 5, the city traffic law enforcement corps seven detachment joint Yangpu Public Security Bureau on the Ji Fu factory on-site investigation, law enforcement officers found that the brand for the Shanghai AWW *** vehicles at 14:24 on April 23 into the plant, and the day 14:46 after loading the above dangerous chemicals from the factory. The legal representative of the plant to recognize the existence of loopholes in vehicle qualification inspection. Law enforcement officers shall issue a Notice of Investigation and Handling.

It is reported that from January to April this year, the city traffic law enforcement corps has been investigated and dealt with hazardous chemicals transport industry-related cases 437 cases.




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