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Gehang traffic police brigade to carry out a number of initiatives to carry out dangerous chemicals transport vehicles illegal rectification

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Ezhou City Gedian Development Zone Traffic Police Brigade in-depth key areas of the road, and actively carry out the dangerous chemicals transport vehicles rectification action, the main initiatives are:

Strengthen ideological understanding. Prevention of dangerous chemicals road transport accidents is an important measure to ensure traffic safety, Gedian Development Zone traffic police brigade attaches great importance to hazardous chemicals transport vehicle management. And demanded that all the police strengthen the sense of responsibility, and resolutely overcome the loosening of paralysis, fully understand the serious consequences of traffic accidents of dangerous goods transport vehicles and do a good job of its transport vehicle traffic safety management of the significance of thinking, conscientiously perform their duties to ensure road safety.

Strengthen road management. According to the actual situation of the area, Gedian Development Zone traffic police brigade clear dangerous chemicals transport vehicle registration system, improve the road signs signs set to ensure the safety of dangerous chemicals vehicles. At the same time, the brigade to further strengthen the dangerous chemicals law enforcement efforts to correct dangerous chemicals vehicles, drivers illegal activities, and in the area of the main road to focus on checking dangerous chemicals transport vehicles violation overtaking, U-turn, parking, illegal modification , Speed overcrowding, fatigue driving, overdue inspection, not scrapped, traffic law is not cleared, driver's license and quasi-driving type does not match, not according to the provisions of time, line travel and other serious traffic violations.

Strengthen publicity and education. Gedian Development Zone traffic police brigade attaches great importance to publicity and guidance work, the organization of police in-depth key road, to the driver to carry out traffic safety education, and continuously enhance the dangerous chemicals transport vehicle drivers on the traffic laws and regulations, safety knowledge to master the degree, Traffic safety awareness. Brigade to encourage and mobilize the masses to participate in supervision, extensive coverage of traffic control illegal, punish all kinds of traffic violations.

Remediation action investigation and control of hazardous chemicals road transport security risks, the effective prevention of the area of hazardous chemicals road transport accidents.




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