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Ningxia to carry out dangerous products packaging enterprises security risks investigation

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Recently, Ningxia Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Ningxia region import and export of dangerous chemicals and packaging enterprises to carry out a two-week focus on the investigation and special rectification work, and dangerous chemicals production and management enterprises to "pull the network" investigation, Security risks.

The survey involves a total of 25 import and export of dangerous chemicals and packaging enterprises in Ningxia, including 18 dangerous chemicals manufacturing enterprises and 7 dangerous goods packaging enterprises. Inspection and quarantine departments focus on checking the implementation of laws and regulations, safety and security work mechanism construction, personnel capacity, hazardous chemicals storage, integrity construction, self-examination and self-correction and so on.

From the inspection situation, the region's dangerous chemicals industry, the overall sense of security is strong, especially the larger production enterprises, to achieve leadership safety awareness, safety system and emergency plans in place, the implementation of security responsibilities in place. All export-related enterprises have developed a safety management system, and will be appointed. But some of the import and export enterprises there are simple storage environment, personnel mobility and workers protection measures are not strict and so on.

At present, Ningxia Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has feedback to the parties concerned, requiring enterprises involved in hazardous chemicals to learn by analogy, improve the import and export of dangerous chemicals and packaging accident contingency plans to strengthen personnel training and emergency drills, do a good job of self- Security risks.




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