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It is strictly forbidden to enter the delivery channel

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Recently, the Weifang City Safety Production Supervision and Administration, the City Post Administration jointly issued a notice, is strictly prohibited hazardous materials into the delivery channels, the relevant departments will increase the collection of dangerous chemicals and other illegal acts of accountability.


Notification requirements, the delivery of enterprises to prohibit the transport, delivery of significant security risks of goods, prohibit the receipt of dangerous chemicals. For the production and operation of illegal delivery of dangerous goods business units, illegal delivery of dangerous goods delivery companies were by the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Post Office in accordance with relevant laws and regulations strictly investigated and dealt with illegal delivery of dangerous goods in accordance with the "postal Law "and other laws and regulations transferred to the public security organs, does not constitute a crime to give security management punishment, the circumstances are serious by the judiciary to pursue criminal responsibility. At the same time, the hazardous chemicals production and management units to carry out internal self-examination and rectification work immediately, found that the problem should be timely rectification and processing. Once the dangerous goods into the delivery channels, to be promptly reported to the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau, the City Post Administration, and as soon as possible to take remedial measures to identify the types of hazardous chemicals, hazardous, clear and specific responsibility to take the initiative to investigate and report the incident and the facts




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