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Free access to hazardous chemicals transport vehicles

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In this two sessions, the NPC deputies Yang Zhongfeng brought three suggestions, Yang Zhongfeng Kenli District Xinghua taxi service station love team captain, engaged in the transport industry for many years he has been very concerned about the traffic problem, this year he made the proposal Are also related to transportation, involving taxi operations, bus lines and dangerous goods transport vehicle operations in three areas.
Yang Zhongfeng said Kenli District dangerous chemicals transport industry has developed rapidly, but because the competent authorities to stop hazardous chemicals transport enterprises and operating permits, to the development of the industry to bring some disadvantages. "These adverse manifestations in many aspects, the first dangerous goods transport companies to a large extent become a scarce resource, there has been a private sale." Yang Zhongfeng said that because the local can not handle the relevant documents, many local staff and enterprises began to other provinces The city for hazardous chemicals transport companies, "such a dangerous goods transport vehicles about 1500, these vehicles basically in the Kenli area operation and parking, road operations and parking security risks and reduce, but also lost a lot of tax.
According to Yang Zhongfeng introduction, after the relevant departments of Dongying City, the introduction of documents, since September 2015, the suspension of dangerous goods transport vehicles for the operation of the city, the city traffic police department began to stop in October hazardous chemicals transport vehicle business, Kenli District There are 240 dangerous goods transporter since August 8, 2015 to hang the card, has not been able to handle the operating license.
On the above issues, Yang Zhongfeng that should be listed on the dangerous goods transport vehicles for road transport permits, the second quarter of 2016 through the application of the vehicle to be listed and for road transport permits. At the same time, should open the dangerous goods transport enterprises and vehicles access, from the perspective of safety supervision to raise the threshold.
Yang Zhongfeng that the safety and transportation industry safety supervision and regulation of good and bad, can not be the number of enterprises or vehicles to measure the number of laws and regulations, the number of freight companies and vehicles should be adjusted by the market to support the real management of enterprises Development, restrictions on the management of chaotic enterprises, not across the board



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