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Course Introduction:

International Maritime dangerous goods code ,Referred to IMDG CODE, Chinese name: international shipping regulations. Is the world operating dangerous goods container import and export necessary knowledge.
Lecturer is currently working in Shanghai Dangerous Goods, with terminals, shipping companies, fleets, warehouses rich practical experience. Has been training for the world's top 500 chemical companies and domestic related freight forwarding several times.

brief introduction:
1. Classification of dangerous goods
2. Dangerous goods packaging
3. Dangerous goods label, mark, document.
4. Dangerous goods packing practice.
5. Interpretation of dangerous goods table.
6. IMDG CODE and GHS relationship.
7. Introduction to the operation of dangerous goods.
8. Dangerous goods on land transport rules in China.
9. Exam.

Start time:
The last Saturday of each month. Time is 1 day.

1851 North Sichuan Road, Shanghai

1000 / person. Over 3 people open classes.

80 copies of the examination issued to the certificate of completion. This certificate only proves that you have been trained in IMDG CODE. Not as a declaration of domestic maritime bureau, packing license.



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